How to increase the whiteness of shampoo

by:Green Stone     2020-05-27
How to increase the whiteness of shampoo, sunscreen pearly slurry and milky white milky white or pearl shampoo can increase the aesthetic feeling of products, in addition, sometimes cannot be made into a transparent shampoo, pearly shampoo to make, for more consumer favorite. Add a small amount of small white polymer dispersion can make shampoo is milky white, such as sunscreen, 3255 ( Styrene/acrylic acid copolymer) , there are also many other composite mixture. Use different bead light agent and different concentrations to pearl effect is different. In order to make the easy preparation process, recommended in the pearling agent after release to the mass fraction of 10% solution, then added to the shampoo of the matrix. Most pearly shampoo is dependent on various stearate chip in liquid suspension effect matrix, chip reflect light milky white or pearl, the effect of the different stearic acid ester, single diethylene glycol stearic acid ester to produce than single stearic acid glycol ester is more beautiful, more white pearl, the latter degree of milky white bottom but more flash, pearl effect depends on the chip size, shape, distribution and milky white chip reflection effect. The preparation of milk white bath dew can use add 0. 3 - 0. 8% of the sunscreen, 3255, it is a water based styrene/acrylic emulsion, safe environmental protection, high whiteness, use simple operation process. Mainly used in bath products, multi-purpose personal care product formula, liquid soap, shampoo and so on in the formula. Guangzhou fly rui chemical co. , LTD. , professional to provide you with high quality sunscreen, http://www. feiruichemical。 Com to:
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