How many herbal extracts are produced by Green Stone per year?
After years of development, Green Stone Swiss Co.,Itd has successfully expanded its production capacity and helped to increase annual production. We invested a lot of money in introducing advanced machines to ensure high quality output of herbal extracts every year. We have professional and skilled engineers to optimize production techniques to make production process more efficiently while ensuring mass production.

Green Stone is a promising enterprise in field of Cosmetic Ingredients. Green Stone's diy cosmetic ingredients series are created based on unremitting efforts. All components of Green Stone herbal extracts are manufactured in accordance with the latest refrigeration technologies including heat recovery, ventilation, and temperature controls. The product is not susceptible to bacterial contamination. It comes with good breathability. It allows moisture vapor to pass through it, which is an essential contributing property to thermal and physiological comfort. The active molecules are preserved thanks to the advanced extraction method.

It is a fact that our team has been keeping the idea of enteral nutrition formulas first in mind since founded. Welcome to visit our factory!
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