Highly active colostrum protein (ProdietF520) is the colostrum of cattle collected within 12 hours after the delivery of the cow. The production process is monitored by the National Livestock Product Administration. The colostrum is stored frozen immediately after collection to avoid causing cell reproduction before production. Patented low temperature process is done to ensure the high activity and integrity of immunoglobulin. The content of active immunoglobulin is more than 28%, which is much higher than the 6-10% content of active IgG in colostrum in 24 hours in general.

PRODIETF200 is a health-care ingredient containing peptide, a bioactive substance with slack function, which is a unique hydrolyzed milk protein to meet the needs of functional foods and nutritional supplements. PRODIETF200 has obtained international patent rights.

PRODIETF200 is the result of more than a decade of hard study made by all the parties. Among them are partner institutions that work closely with INGREDIA, including CNRS, Laboratoiredes Biosciencesdel’alimentde Nancy-INRA Bioscience Laboratory and other research laboratories.

The anxiolytic properties of the hydrolyzed milk protein are first tested in vitro by using receptors and cultured cells, and then testing in vivo through preclinical studies in mice and clinical studies in humans. First, INGREDIA is progressed by checking and measuring the effects of PRODIETF200 on mice and compares them with some sedatives and chemical bioactive drugs by adopting a general control mode. The result shows that it has significant relaxation efficacy.

Then, INGREDIA detects whether it has side effects on the animal. The result shows that there is no recession in memory after consuming PRODIETF200, and its use is not limited and no dependence will be produced.

Finally, in conjunction with the well-known medical equipment, three clinical trials were conducted directly on the human body. Measure psychological reaction, blood activity and other parameters, as well as cortisol and promote blood levels in the renal epithelial glands; these hormones are pressure indicators.

PRODIETF200 enhances the body’s resistance to stress. All the results affirm the important effect of PRODIETF200 on stress resistance.

PRODIET F520 also has many significant characteristics, such as its high-content growth factors, soluble mineral substances and fat-soluble vitamins.

PRODIET F520 can be added into any product as a preventive aid against diarrheas, whether they are of substances below:

  • bacterial or viral origin, affecting men (particularly infants) or animals
  • parasitic origin, especially affecting patients with immune deficiency

Its antimicrobial agents make PRODIET F520 a highly promising product for intestine immunotherapy.