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Botanical Name: Laminaria japonica Aresch./Ecklonia kurome Okam./Thallus LaminariaeThallus Eckloniae
Specification: alginate,alginic acid
Part Used: Whole Herb
Appearance: Brownish yellow powder
Test Method: HPLC
Product Specification: 10%-98%

High Quality Natural Fucoxanthin Kelp Extract Powder
Kelps are large seaweeds (algae) belonging to the brown algae (Phaeophyceae) in the order Laminariales. There are about 30 differentgenera. Kelp grows in underwater "forests" (kelp forests) in shallow oceans, and is thought to have appeared in the Miocene, 23 to 5 million years ago.The organisms require nutrient-rich water with temperatures between 6 and 14 °C (43 and 57 °F). They are known for their high growth rate — the genera Macrocystis and Nereocystis can grow as fast as half a metre a day, ultimately reaching 30 to 80 metres (100 to 260 ft).

Main Function
1.Kelp Powder add appropriate materials can be made into a variety of health food,such as kelp jam, kelp buns, kelp filling, kelp cakes, kelp sugar and kelp ice lolly,etc.
2.Kelp contains rich calcium,can control the human body lack calcium.
3.Increase micro-organisms in the soil, which can fix nitrogen from the air.
4.Lower blood pressure,diuresis and swelling.
5.Reduce the radioactive substances in the body of accumulation,also can reduce the radioactive disease incident.
6.Obese people eat kelp can reduce hungry feeling,and can draw many kinds of amino acids and inorganic salt, it is ideal full abdomen agent.
7.Kelp contain kelp acid, it is a kind of special amino acids,it has the effect of lowering blood pressure,prevent hypertension and cerebral hemorrhage.

About Kelp or Tangle Extract
Kelp or Tangle is the dried thalline of Laminaria japonica Aresch. (Fam. Laminariaceae).or Ecklonia kurome Okam. (Fam. Alariaceae).
Kelp commonly referred to as seaweed, grows along coastlines around the world. Botanically it is classified as algae. It is a rich source of natural vitamins and minerals, including essential trace minerals. Kelp is dependent upon the sea for its nourishment -- an excellent source since the sea is the repository of all the minerals that have been washed from the land through the millennia. The plant can grow as much as two feet per day, and the entire plant is used in herbology.
Kelp extract is especially high in iodine, which must be present for proper glandular function and metabolism. It also contains iron, sodium, phosphorus and calcium, as well as magnesium and potassium. Kelp is a source of vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E, plus amino acids. Kelp extract also makes a popular salt substitute. Because the plant’s nutrients come in a natural form, they are easily assimilated by the body.
Functions: To eliminate phlegm, soften hard masses and dissolve lumps , and to cause diuresis.
Indications: Goiter, scrofula, swelling and pain of the testis; edema.

COA of Kelp Extract
Loss on drying: 2.56%
Ash: 2.36%
Mesh Size: 100% pass 80 mesh
Iodine: 0.14%
Heavy metal: ≤20ppm
As: ≤2.0ppm
Residual Pesticide: Negative
Total Plate Count: ≤1000cfu/g
Yeast & Mold: ≤100cfu/g
Salmonella: Negative
E. Coli: Negative

1. Applied in health food field, be widely used in food additives industry, which can be added into the dairy,beverage, health care products, pastries, cold drinks, jelly, bread, milk and so on;
2. Applied in cosmetic field, it is a kind of water-soluble polymer natural extracts with sntiphlogistic sterilization effect. So it can be used as a new type of high moisturizing instead of glycerin;
3. Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is the raw material of new tradition medicine which is often added in kidney products.

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