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CAS No.: 5843-65-2
Type: Central Nervous System Agents
Other Name: 5843-65-2; Norcoclaurine; (+-)-Norcoclaurine; (+-)-Demethylcoclaurine
Grade: Feed Grade, Food Grade, Medicine Grade
Molecular Formula: C16H17NO3
Molecular Weight: 271.31 g/mol
Test Method:HPLC
Appearance: White powder
Application:Increase metabolic rate; weight loss.
Main Function
1.Lower blood pressure;
2.Stand against insomnia;
3.Cure impotence, spermatorrhea, heart failure, constipation;
4.Relieve a cough;
5.Tonify kidney.
1. Higenamine is a pre-workout supplement that can improve athletic performance.
2. Higenamine can function as a fat burner – it is a catecholamine-like structure that interacts with the same course of receptors that the fat burners Synephrine.
3. Higenamine is incredibly helpful to your lung area, particularly if you have actually related conditions, such as asthma. Information technology has been verified that Higenamine does have physiological qualities that could induce the relaxation of the trachea.
4. Higenamine has also been shown to promote much better vascular relaxation and vasodilation. Higenamine has also been found to advertise much better erection in men via beta-adergenic interactions.
Description About Higenamine CAS 5843-65-2
Higenamine is a chemical found in several plants including aconite, Annona squamosa, Nandina domestica (sacred bamboo), and others.
In supplements, higenamine is now showing up in products promoted as a pre-workout supplement for improving athletic performance. There is also interest in using higenamine for weight loss, cough, asthma, heart failure, and erectile dysfunction.
Higenamine can act as an anti-asthmatic to open up airways, and may be cardiotonic, which means that it can strengthen the heart contraction to increase cardiac output. Studies in mice and in test tubes suggest higenamine may be used to help the heart in the event of an adverse event like a myocardial infarct or heart failure. These effects have not been confirmed in human studies yet.
Higenamine belongs to benzyl isoquinoline alkaloids, is a kind of alkaloid with a benzyl group of the isoquinoline mother nucleus.
Higenamine is a powerful fat-burner that can be pretty useful for people trying to lose fat.

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