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Green Stone Cosmetic Ingredients

Green Stone Cosmetic Ingredients

Green Stone Cosmetic Ingredients

Straw yellow or yellow transparent liquid
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1 kg
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T/T 100% paid in advance
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Product Details
Green Stone pursues perfection in every detail of ingredients manufacturers, so as to show quality excellence.Green Stone has professional production workshops and great production technology. ingredients manufacturers we produce, in line with the national quality inspection standards, has reasonable structure, stable performance, good safety, and high reliability. It is also available in a wide range of types and specifications. Customers' diverse needs can be fully fulfilled.
Company Advantages
1. Green Stone is constructed by the state-of-the-art facilities.
2. This product has a good performance in thermal insulation. It is not prone to expand when used in a high-temperature condition.
3. The biggest advantage of this product is energy saving. It is able to make self-adjustment to meet usage requirements while consuming little energy.
4. To ensure the overall quality of Cosmetic Ingredients, it is effective to establish the quality awareness in Green Stone.
5. Cosmetic Ingredients is produced with the well-selected raw materials to ensure each piece in good condition.

Company Features
1. Along with the social development, it is effective for Green Stone to advance technology to keep innovative.
2. Over the years, we have partnered with distinguished brands and companies both at home and abroad, and clients are satisfied with the projects we handle. Hence, at the moment, we have accumulated many customer resources.
3. Green Stone brand sticks to the tenet of being the leading enterprise in Cosmetic Ingredients industry. Get price! Green Stone aims to create the first national brand! Get price! All workers work for Green Stone will make unremitting efforts to climb the summit of this business. Get price!

Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane CAS: 541-02-6

Product Name:  Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane
Molecular Formula:  C10H30O5Si5
Molecular Weight:  370.77
CAS No.:  541-02-6

Physical and Chemical Properties
Melting Point: -44℃

Boiling Point:101℃

Relative density(water=1): 0.950~0.960
Flash Point: 76°(169°F)

Refractive index nD20 1.3960~1.3980





INCI Name: Cyclopentasiloxane & cyclohexasiloxane 

CAS No.: 556-67-2&540-97-6







Colorless transparent liquid





Refractive Index(25)



Technological Indices
1. Appearance                                                      Colorless, odorless, transparent liquid
2. Content of Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane(%)          ≥ 99.00


Properties and Uses
It widely used in cosmetics and body care products, Such as skin care, sunscreen, makeup, hair conditioning products, good compatibility with most of the alcohol and other cosmetic solvents. Be directly used as the carrier, the main raw material, also can be used as an additive; and be used in aqueous systems by the method of emulsification.

Package, Storage and Handling

Iron drum, net weight 190kg/drum;

Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area and keep away from oxidant, acid and alkali. The storage area should be equipped with the corresponding species and quantity of fire equipment and leakage emergency equipment. Handling according to hazardous substances. Be careful when loading and unloading to avoid damages of the package.

Chemical Stability: Stable in closed containers under specified storage and handling conditions.

Conditions to Avoid: Incompatible materials, any sources of ignition or heat,exposure to moist air or water.

Incompatibilities with Other Materials: Strong oxidizing agents,acids,bases.

Hazardous Decomposition Products: In case of a fire, oxides of carbon, hydrocarbons, silicon oxide,fumes, and smoke may be generated by thermal decomposition or combustion.

Product Description


The product has a good performance of moisture divergence Cosmetic Ingredients make Cosmetic Ingredients practically and easy to operate.
Our independent design for Cosmetic Ingredients can greatly help to improve our brand awareness. The product stands out for its persistence and degradability
Green Stone is an enterprise who engages in innovation and development of Cosmetic Ingredients. The product is completely odorless when it is in solution
The well-designed Cosmetic Ingredients makes it more special than other similar products. The product is formulated using quality chemical compounds
Cosmetic Ingredients is characterized by delicate design, logic structure and good Cosmetic Ingredients performance. The product can easily dissolve in the water
The product features a reliable operation. It is mainly controlled through computers. Unless maintenance is needed, it can go on without any break. The product is not prone to color variation
This product is skin-friendly. The fibers have a smooth feel and a natural sweating action that keeps moisture away from the skin. It has stable physical and chemical properties
It has important fabric properties to maintain thermal comfort, such as air permeability, water or moisture (steam) permeability/transport and heat transfer. The product contains no toxic substances and it is eco-friendly
The product is durable, and for the reason that it is tightly woven, it is not prone to be scratched by sharp nails. The product is easy to dispose of, which is good for the environment
The product generates little noise. It is developed and manufactured based on the noise standards for the industrial equipment. The product stands out for its persistence and degradability
The prodcut has a simple design. It is designed with a simplified structure with fewer components connected, which allows it to move easily. The product is not prone to color variation
It fits my body very well and helps me get lots of compliments at the same time. It's cute. - said one of our buyers. The product can be of a long service life if properly stored at room temperature
If you were to only find one bedding product with good thermal comfort, this should be it. This product is beautiful, soft and has a nice cool yet warm feel. The product contains no toxic substances and it is eco-friendly
This kind of product with high-quality is flexible and can be adjusted in accordance with the wearer's face and can be used for a long time. The product has a good performance of moisture divergence
This beautiful and well-designed product will give the color a dull room needs, adding brightness and style to a home. The product is not prone to color variation
This product is the best choice for people who get hot when they sleep because it has a light feel. The product does not easily react with other substances with a stable chemical structure
This product aids in building a professional image. It will certainly bring to the public that a company/brand is well-established, which fosters a high level of trust from more customers. The product can be of a long service life if properly stored at room temperature
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