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Pale yellow liquid
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99% Min
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1 kg
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Green Stone provides diversified choices for customers. ingredients manufacturers is available in a wide range of types and styles, in good quality and in reasonable price.Compared with other products in the same category, Green Stone's ingredients manufacturers has the following advantages.
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Company Advantages
1. Green Stone has obtained ISF certification. It is qualified in terms of multipoint color balance, gamut matching/manipulation, and other factors.
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5. Green Stone Swiss Co.,Itd is able to develop and design according to the models, drawings or performance parameters provided by customers.

Company Features
1. Green Stone brand is skilled at producing .
2. Green Stone Swiss Co.,Itd has successfully developed Whitening Ingredients , including Whitening Ingredients.
3. New standards will continue to be created through Green Stone Swiss Co.,Itd's innovations. Inquire! As one of the most powerful companies, Green Stone strives to become a world-renowned brand. Inquire! Our goal is to become the first brand in China's industry! Inquire! Green Stone will try to meet customers' requirements. Inquire!

Sodium iodide 7681-82-5 NaI:


Product Description  


Product Name Sodium iodide
Synonyms Sodiumiodide anhydrous

Molecular Formula NaI

Molecular Weight 149.89

CAS Registry Number 7681-82-5

EINECS 231-679-3

Density 3.66

Melting point 661°C

Boiling point 1300°C

Water solubility 184 g/100 mL (25°C)

Shelf Life : 03 Year From the Date of Mfg


AppearanceWhite Crystals
Assay (NaI anhydrous basis)99,0 - 100,5
Iodine83,82 - 85,09%
Identification for SodiumPositive
Identification for IodidePositive
Appearance of SolutionClear and Colorless
AlkalinityPasses Test
Loss on dryingMax.2,0%
IodateMax.4 ppm
Thiosulfate and BariumPasses Test
PotassiumPasses Test
Heavy MetalsMax.10 ppm
Limit of nitrate, nitrite and ammoniaPasses Test
SulfateMax.150 ppm
IronMax.20 ppm
Organic volatile impurities:
Methylene Chloride

Max.60 µg/g 
Max.380 µg/g
Max.600 µg/g
Max.80 µg/g




1).  Used to treat and prevent iodine deficiency commonly.

2).  Used as chemical materials, medicine, photosensitive material and analytic reagent, etc.

3).  Auxiliaries and Other Medicinal Chemicals, Pharmaceutical.


Packaging & Shipping


[Packagingaccording to customers requirements.

Shelf Life : 03 Year From the Date of Mfg.

Product Description


Green Stone Whitening Ingredients will be tested to eliminate different types of garment defects. They are mainly defects of fabrics, color, trim, measurement, and packing. Sealing temperature of Smart Weigh packing machine is adjustable for a diverse sealing film
The design of Green Stone Whitening Ingredients involves intricate detailing. They are the consideration of seaming parts, stitching workmanship, the color mix of the stitch, as well as needle pitch. The products after packing by Smart Weigh packing machine can be kept fresh for longer time
A list of factors is taken into account of Green Stone Whitening Ingredients conception. They involve complexity, feasibility, optimization, tests, etc. of a machine. The packing process is constantly updated by Smart Weigh Pack
Specific tests have been conducted on Green Stone Whitening Ingredients. These tests include tensile and tear strength testing, abrasion resistance testing, dimensional stability testing, stain resistance testing, etc. Smart Weigh packing machines are offered at competitive prices
Green Stone Whitening Ingredients has been tested by the third-party testing organization. For example, it has passed fiber composition analysis, dimensional stability testing, shrinkage testing, stain resistance testing, and seam bursting testing. Smart Weigh pouch fill & seal machine can pack almost anything into a pouch
The product is equipped with all the safety systems. The function of automatic diagnosis enables it to detect the faults of the instruments by alarming. Smart Weigh packing machine is also widely used for non-food powders or chemical additives
The product features strong impact strength. When it is subjected to the impact, it can undergo some deformation without causing a rupture. Excellent performance is achieved by the smart Weigh packaging machine
The product is characterized by its high color rendering value. Its colors will remain true and natural to the surrounding. Smart Weigh pouch is a great packaging for grinned coffee, flour, spices, salt or instant drink mixes
The product stands out for its superior corrosion resistance. The fiberglass materials are able to withstand acid and alkali and the steel parts are hot-dip galvanized. Smart Weigh sealing machine offer some of the lowest noise available in the industry
The product contains little or virtually zero preservatives. Some preservatives like parabens, dyes, or oils will not be easily present. Smart Weigh packing machine is also widely used for non-food powders or chemical additives
The product features maximum cooling efficiency. It effectively transfers heat by mechanically compressing refrigerant into a low-pressure, cold liquid and expanding it into high-pressure and hot gases. Smart Weigh pouch is a great packaging for grinned coffee, flour, spices, salt or instant drink mixes
By establishing normal management rules, Green Stone can strictly guarantee the quality of Whitening Ingredients. More packs per shift are allowed due to the improvement of weighing accuracy
All our warehouse staff are well-trained to move Whitening Ingredients with great care during loading. Smart Weigh sealing machine is compatible with all standard filling equipment for powder products
Green Stone Swiss Co.,Itd has stable production bases and manufacture center for our Whitening Ingredients. Smart Weigh packing machines are of high efficiency
Green Stone Swiss Co.,Itd is perceived as more vibrant and engaged generators of Whitening Ingredients with commercial value than their counterparts. Sealing temperature of Smart Weigh packing machine is adjustable for a diverse sealing film
Green Stone is a leading manufacturer of Whitening Ingredients which covers a wide range of Whitening Ingredients. Smart Weigh packing machine has been designed to wrap products of different sizes and shapes
Green Stone Swiss Co.,Itd has built up a credible system of Whitening Ingredients quality management. Smart Weigh's uniquely designed packing machines are simple to use and are cost effective
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