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by:Green Stone     2020-08-06
The inspiration in creating Indochine Natural soap bars comes from the exotic Old Quarter of Ha Noi, Viet Nam, together with particular 'Herb Street', additional correctly Pho Lan Ong named after a famous 18th Century traditional medicine practitioner. This street can be a sensual delight of textures and smells from the sacks of herbs in stores lined with rosewood herbal medicine cabinets. In narrow corridors, squatting workers grind and process herbs. These shops became the start and source of many of the raw materials made to create the range of Indochine Natural handmade cleansing soap. Every soap maker strives to create the perfect bar of soap. A person who lathers just right, as well as at the same time has desirable moisturizing qualities. Is definitely no easy task, as each different oil found in soap making is made of different percentages of efas that have different properties when it comes to earning soap. Some oils provide moisturizing properties and others provide lather, and is actually not the right combination of oils that will produce the perfect bar. Another important consideration for Indochine Natural in creating the perfect soap bar are environmental considerations. The carbon footprint for the soaps created would be greatly increased if ingredients such as Olive Oil were imported from Europe; therefore the focus was on buying local, could also help to strengthen the Asian identity belonging to the soaps. An obvious start line is coconut oil, which is locally available and seen in most bars seeing that it is the oil that is most responsible for producing soap bars with good lathering properties. However an issue with coconut oil is that if not used your market right proportion it might have a drying effect on the skin. Another important ingredient is oil that provides hardening properties, and the obvious choice here is a great Palm Oil, especially merely because meets conditions of being locally available. An important issue surrounding Pal Oil is its environmental sustainability; therefore only suppliers which members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) are created to source our oil. While many soap makers utilize additional oils such as almond oil and olive oil, environmentally it a great issue to import these components. Our research and trials has demonstrated that the right proportions of just coconut and palm oils can provide an excellent bar of liquid soap. Once strategy make-up of handmade our natural handmade soap bars as decided, the next phase was to improve the final formulation that included essential oils and herbal ingredients such as turmeric powder, ground lemongrass, coffee, cinnamon and other ingredients. From experience ended up being found easy recipes work best, merely this basis an involving formulations were developed. The particular direction of Indochine Natural's founder, Medical professional. Mike Thair, this process took about two years of continual rounds of recipe formulation, consumer trials, and reformulation until the perfect bar was secreted. Many people don't realize that soap become be remedy for at least 30 days, and therefore this renders it a long process to make new recipes. In the end, nine new recipes were developed, and these now for that basis of Indochine Natural's range of handmade natural soap notches. Author- Physician. Mike Thair is the owner and Md of Indochine Natural.
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