Eumulgin B2

Eumulgin B2

White to slightly yellowish pellets
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Eumulgin B2

Chemical name :   Cetereth-20 
CAS # : 68439-49-6

Function: O/W Emulsifier
Chemical Description: Ethoxylated cetyl-, stearyl alcohol
Use: Nonionic emulsifier for the manufacture of various O/ W emulsions.

Item properties: 
 Alkalinity         ≤ 0.5 ml 
Acid value       ≤ 1.0 
Hydroxyl value               40 - 55 
Iodine value    ≤ 2.0 
Saponification value                             ≤ 3.0 
Ethylene oxide              ≤ 1 ppm 
Dioxan           ≤ 10 ppm 
Water             ≤ 3.0 % 
Total ash        ≤ 0.2 %  





Eumulgin B2 is a universally applicable, non-ionic emulsifier for the manufacture of cosmetic oil-in-water emulsions. It is supplied in white to slightly yellowish pellets, and has an acid value of max. 0.5, a hydroxyl value of 49-55, and a saponification value of max.

Eumulgin B2 can protect from moisture and at temperatures below 30° C EUMULGIN B2 PH remains stable for at least two years. Depending on the temperature, the pH value may decrease during storage. However, the product quality is not negatively influenced above a pH value of 4.0. 

The product is used as universally applicable, non-ionic emulsifier for the manufacture of pharmaceutical O/W emulsions.

O / W emulsifier, O / W emulsifier, based on cetyl alcohol / oleyl alcohol derivatives. Stable in a wide pH range, as emulsifier and solubilizer, it is widely used in various skin care and hair products When used in combination with Eumulgin VL75, the sheet-like appearance is easy to handle.


1. After Sun 
2. Antiperspirants & Deodorants 
3. Baby Care and Cleansing 
4. Body Care 
5. Color Care 
6. Conditioning 
7. Face Care 
8. Face Cleansing 
9. Hair Coloring 
10. Self Tanning 
11. Sun Protection

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