Cosmetics products are composed of different substances that help people change the way they look or the way they smell. Cosmetics have different compositions and each company that produces this type of product has a unique way to make it. Cosmetics company uses cosmetics ingredients in order to create the best quality of finished products. If you are someone who uses make-up a lot, one thing you should consider is the ingredients used to formulate what you use as this has direct contact with your skin. Without carefully selecting your cosmetics, it is possible that you may develop skin irritation and other skin-related problems.

One good thing about the products we offer is that we use cosmetics ingredients with organic and inorganic compounds. Typically, the organic compounds are altered natural oils and fats and agents that are petrochemically made while inorganic compounds are processed minerals. If you try to look at cosmetics ingredients of your make-up, you might see talc, iron oxides, and zinc oxide. These are examples of processed minerals. The cosmetics ingredients we have are not only natural plant extracts. We also have chemicals with a variety of purposes that can help in the improvement of your cosmetics. For the complete list of our cosmetics ingredients and their function, here’s the list.


This type of product is a cytokinin type plant growth regulator. It promotes cell division and growth, it enhances germination, and it induces callus initiation. Its appearance is like a white crystal powder.

Fatty acid

The fatty acid is found in a lot of cosmetics, even on food. It is a long aliphatic hydrocarbon chain with an organic substance. It can be included in your facial cleanser, soap, shampoo, and lipsticks.


This product is a colorless liquid that is good for the saponification method and diagnosis. It contains alcohol synthetic spices and has the essence like flowers.


It is a white powder with the functions of making sure that halophilic bacteria do not get dehydrated. It can also improve the skin cell’s immune protection.


This is a type of organic compound that can be found in most sunscreens that help filter UVA rays. Sunscreens are anti-aging products and it’s very popular for people nowadays.


This cosmetics ingredient is a type of compound that has nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. This is a white crystal and its main function includes preventing skin dryness and softening skin.


Glycerol is a lubricious laxative that softens the stool and makes it easy for a person to discharge. It also acts as a moisturizing agent.

Hyaluronic Acid

This is a natural substance that is present in the human body. The highest concentration is in the joints and eyes. Its main purpose includes retaining the moisture of the skin, skin firming, and preventing wrinkles.

Brillian-MB280 (Raspberry Ketone Glucoside)

This product has a function that blocks the activity of tyrosinase. It also inhibits how melanin is formed. It has a whitening component and can improve the roughness of the skin.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

This cosmetics ingredient is a vitamin drug and is used for hepatitis, hepatic coma, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, and Alzheimer’s disease.


This is a dark-brown powder or oil. It has a high-performance antioxygenic property. It can secure the skin from UVA radiation and reduces the deposition of melanin in the body.


Lecithin can usually be found in animals and plants. Its solubility is low. This product is used mostly in food supplements and other medical uses.

Polybutene 2400

This product is non-toxic, colorless, and safe to use. As a cosmetics ingredient, it is utilized in lip gloss, lipstick, and foundation. There are a variety of applications of polybutene such as drawing oil, releasing agent, and adhesive.

Marula Oil

This oil has a clear white-yellow color with a smell of a nut. It is rich in antioxidants and is one of the best secrets of natural skincare products.

Ascorbyl Isostearate

This cosmetics ingredient appears to be a light yellow oily liquid. This inhibits how melanin is formed. It increases collagen production as well.


This is a natural whitening agent made from licorice. Its main purpose includes whitening and oxygen resistance.


Arbutin has many different functions. It serves as an anti-skin-darkening agent, it can improve the glossiness of the skin, it can smoothen the skin, and it can decrease the appearance of liver spots in the body.

Soluble Pearl Powder

This soluble pearl powder is extracted from a natural pearl in a mussel animal. It has a huge amount of amino acids and can be added to a lot of products such as soap, cosmetics, and toothpaste.

Hydrolyzed Pearl Liquid

Hydrolyzed Pearl Liquid is made from a natural pearl. Its color is a pale yellow and it has a perfect effect on the skin. It smoothens, whitens, and moisturizes.

Endothelin Antagonists

This product is in a group of lightening cosmetics. It is non-poisonous and non-allergic. Its main work is to make endothelin lose its function while it combines with melanin cytomembrane.

Kojic Acid Dipalmitate

Kojic acid dipalmitate is a cristal powder that has a color of white to yellow. Unlike pure kojic acid, this cosmetics ingredient is less likely to have reactions to light and hear. Its function is to whiten skin and a skin lightening agent.

Dilauryl Thiodipropionate

This product is a white crystal powder that serves as an assistant antioxidant. It can be used in a variety of ways such as lubricating oil and processing rubber. It also helps extend the life span of a product.


This ingredient can remove dead cells, keep the elasticity of the skin, and has promising effects on fibrins of the skin. It can also act as an anti-aging and whitening component.


This product is the new anti-acne agent of our products. It has 5 effective ingredients that can recompose epidermis cell, prevent inflammation, cure skin diseases, and control sebum.


This is a cosmetics ingredient that is high in safety, stability, and function. It has four effective ingredients. It can dissolve in propylene glycol, surface-active agents, and water. It helps fight acne and can reduce the appearance of a scar.