Salvia Officinalis Extract Powder

Place of Origin      China
MOQ    1kg
Payment Term   T/T 100% paid in advance


Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade, Food Grade
Other name: Salvia Sclarea Extract,Clary Extract,Clary Sage Extract
Latin Name: Salvia officinalis Linn.
Appearance:Brown-yellow fine powder
Part Used: Leaf
Test Method: HPLC
Active Ingredient: Sclareolide ,Sclareol

China supply Natural Salvia Officinalis Extract Powder
Sage is a perennial plant native to the the Mediterranean, along with some areas in north Africa and Central Asia. Descriptions of its medicinal use go back to the writings of Theophrastus (4th century BCE) and Pliny the Elder (1st century CE). It relieves digestive problems, including loss of appetite, flatulence, gastritis, diarrhea, bloating, and heartburn. Other applications include reducing overproduction of perspiration and saliva, depression, memory loss and Alzheimer's disease. It can be used by women to relieve painful menstrual periods, to correct excessive milk flow and to reduce hot flashes during menopause.
Salvia Officinalis Extract is an aromatic oil plant, the whole plant contains volatile oil, which is used to make spices, and the leaf infusion is used as an elixir for pharyngitis.
Applied directly to the skin it can treat for cold sores, gingivitis, sore throat and runny nose. Sage is rich in carnosic acid (salvin), which possesses antioxidative and antimicrobial properties, and is increasingly exploited within the food, nutritional health and cosmetics industries.

Main Function
1.Salvia Officinalis Extract mainly used for natural alternatives to synthetic ambergris, small volume is also used in Fragrances.
2.Salvia Officinalis Extract is a good tobacco flavor enhancing flavoring agents. In the blended cigarettes, you can cover up the odor of tobacco crude to improve and enhance the flavor quality, given the characteristics of a pleasant aroma of tobacco to make cigarettes more gentle, alcohol sponge entrance, is an effective growth of Hong flavoring agent.
3.Salvia Officinalis Extract to increasing and improving food sense, it has been widely used in food industry. Available in the foods containing sweeteners, as a flavoring agent, increase the smell of food effect, in the coffee industry by adding small amount of Salvia Officinalis Extract, you can increase the bitter coffee, coffee, refreshing effect to improve range of applications.
4.In the absence of cardiovascular stimulation case, when the reduction of body fat, the Salvia Officinalis Extract can help improve the quality of the body lose weight, it has been widely used for weight loss products. United States, Japan and European countries through the certification, Salvia Officinalis Extract is safe to lose weight food additives.

1. Applied inpharmaceutical field, Cryptotanshinone is mainly used as raw material for clearing heat, anti- inflammation, detumescence and increasing coronary flow.
2. Applied in food additives, it owns the effect of antifatigue, anti-aging and nourishing brain.
3. Applied in cosmetics field, it owns the effect of whitening, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle,anti-oxidant, activating skin Cells, making skin more tender and firm.

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