Cationic guar gum C14S in shampoo, what is it used for

by:Green Stone     2020-04-20
Cationic guar gum C14S what is used in shampoo cationic guar gum C14S is one of the guar gum, belongs to a kind of water-soluble polymer, its chemical name is hydroxypropyl guar gum trimethyl ammonium chloride, the cationic guar gum is mainly based on natural guar gum as raw materials, remove skin germs and later the rest of the endosperm, usually with galactose and mannose, through the dry grinding and pressure after hydrolysis precipitation using ethanol solution, centrifugal separation and desiccation shrinkage after drying glycerol ether trimethyl ammonium chloride reaction production. Fly, chemical professional provide cationic guar gum C14S cosmetics raw material formula and technology support. Cationic guar gum C14S raise hair conditioner in the shampoo performance note displays in: can be used for skin and hair conditioner, antistatic agent and thickening agent, can be used in shampoo and hair conditioner. In the hair appearance appear breathable film, has good shape and the protection function. After adsorption in the hair, show the excellent antistatic property and toning effect, change the comb hair comb wet and dry, make hair long time maintain luster and soft, good elasticity. The application of cationic guar gum: conditioning shampoo: provide good wet combing performance, make hair refreshing and elegant. Usually the dosage of 0. 1 - 0. 3%. And emulsified silicone oil, poly quaternary ammonium salt series collocation use to better regulate the effect. Citric acid is added when using viscous. Liquid soap, facial cleanser and body wash and liquid soap: provide dries the skin soft, smooth and moisturize the skin feeling and wet when soapy. Usually the dosage of 0. 1 - 0. 3%. Citric acid is added when using viscous. Advantage products: cabo 940, 2020, cabo jelly thickening agent, thickening agent SF - 1, the formula of solid alcohol, lauroyl sarcosine sodium, sunscreen OP301, toning white oil, preservative calzone, DMDMH, emulsified silicone oil DC1785, ZPT anti-dandruff agent, climbazole, cationic cellulose JR400, cationic guar gum, emulsion thickener, 305, amino acid moisturizing factor NMF50, hamamelis distillate, poly quaternary ammonium salt M550, emulsifier A165, 1631, soluble particles, true gold foil, emulsifier A165, water-based lanolin, HA, hyaluronic acid gemma BP, peeling agent, poly quaternary ammonium salt, M550 M2001, vitamin VE, D - Panthenol, red myrrh alcohol
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