Cationic guar gum C14S how to improve the volume of shampoo

by:Green Stone     2020-04-19
Cationic guar gum C14S how to improve the volume of the shampoo of cationic guar gum C14S excellent conditioning shampoo water softener, the performance of the dual function of shampoo formula in using, containing cationic conditioner, silicone oil and the same surfactant. Shampoo containing cationic guar gum and as than the commonly used at home and abroad the same kind of conditioner, results show that the cationic guar gum C - 14 s system performance, and other similar products, different places is as follows: on wet comb wet hair and feel, in terms of dry comb, comb in wet and bubble, is superior to other polymer shampoo. Cationic guar gum C14S mainly embodied in the following: the advantages of the flying chemical specialized provide cationic guar gum C14S cosmetics raw materials formula and technology support. 1. Cationic guar gum is less accumulation and better the affinity of polymer for toning effect of the hair is to wash the hair, hair used have burnish, respond to natural feeling. Compared to no general shampoo conditioner, shampoo contains conditioners tend to reduce dry hair volume, Clingy scalp hair, fluffy) , tell from the principle, use the conditioner after dry hair comb resistance decrease, the more the volume of the hair, show that the polymer has accumulated. The test. Cationic guar gum through repeated washing 10 times, still keep the full extent of the hair, not more and more heavy, close to the scalp. Show that the polymer has less accumulation. Eliminates the use for a long time after the accumulation and withered hair, heavy, sticky side effects. 2. Increase the luster of the hair and health using cationic guar gum polymer system of shampoo, can increase the active ingredient in silicone oil and ZPT stay on the hair, make hair luster and healthy, keep easy comb, brightness and no static characteristics. 3. Improve the stability of the formula by cationic guar gum has the function of suspension, emulsion when silicone oil content is higher in formula, can have the effect of suspension and carrying, help the stability of silicone oil in the shampoo formula. Conclusion: cationic guar gum C14S can be used for skin and hair conditioner, antistatic agent and thickening agent, can be used in shampoo and hair conditioner. In the hair appearance appear breathable film, has good shape and the protection function. After adsorption in the hair, show the excellent antistatic property and toning effect, change the comb hair comb wet and dry, make hair long time maintain luster and soft, good elasticity.
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