Cationic guar gum C14S features purpose and directions for use

by:Green Stone     2020-04-18
Characteristics of cationic guar gum C14S usage and the use of cationic guar gum C14S is one of the guar gum, belongs to a kind of water-soluble polymer, its chemical name is hydroxypropyl guar gum trimethyl ammonium chloride, the cationic guar gum is mainly based on natural guar gum as raw materials, guar gum is the best known is the most effective and water-soluble natural polymer, combined with etherifying agent of a cationic conditioner. ( Fly rui chemical industry to provide you with cationic guar gum C14S cosmetics raw materials) Characteristics: the cationic guar gum C14S is a kind of cationic surfactants, can match the cosmetics used by all surfactants, and play an efficient thickening and emulsion stability. Has obvious affinity for skin and hair and rational, which can be used to improve and protect the skin, thus is widely used in shampoo, usually just add a few quantity can obviously improve the shampoo comb wet performance, make the hair more smooth and supple, and has certain antistatic effect. Cationic guar gum can have the effect of conditioner, in shampoo can keep hair luster, full of elasticity. Applicable to shampoo, shower gel, conditioner and water-based paint production. USES: cationic guar gum, used in hair care products, improve the dry and wet combing performance, reduce the static electricity and no accumulation, more affinity than similar products, can adsorption in the hair after render excellent antistatic property and toning effect, improves the comb wet hair, keep hair long luster, soft and elastic. Very gentle to skin and eyes, and can slow down the formula products in surfactant of excitant. With polymer particle deposition in the formula used in silicone oil and anti-dandruff agent has to carry and association. With function, and improve the degree of fullness and stability of the foam. Method of use: cationic guar gum is dispersible product, easy dispersion in neutral and alkaline aqueous solution, and when the solution PH value to 6 quickly dissolve thickening. When using general 2% solution made up first, in proportion to join has dissolved good surfactant system.
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