Can our logo or company name be printed on reishi mushroom powder ?
For many mushroom powder , we can supply customized logos. We provide professional design, customization and production solutions. We'll affirm the layout with you before manufacturing.

Green Stone Swiss Co.,Itd is one of the top domestic and international producers in China. Green Stone has created a number of successful series, and anti acne formula is one of them. It has the characteristics of good moisture permeability. Its raw materials have a good hygroscopic performance which allows water or moisture to pass through easily. It can easily dissolve in the water. People will find the fact that it helps them save a lot of cleaning or maintenance time because it does not rust or corrode like the metal one. The product is not prone to natural color variation.

With our progress in managing energy, water, and waste, we continue to find ways to reduce the company's impact on the environment and embed sustainability throughout our businesses.
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