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Please contact Customer Service for further technical information about Green Stone Swiss Co.,Itd. Product technical information is a document that provides key definition information about a product, which can include the manufacturer's logo; rules, bans, and standard lists that are applied to the project; design specifications and product images that illustrate the product and pay attention to distinguishing features. By documenting the product and its characteristics, the information can be a useful screening tool for identifying when a pre-production product is different from a product on a store shelf, indicating the likelihood of material or design changes, and potential non-compliant products. Through the use of our product technical information, you will gain visibility into our supply chain and be confident with our products.

With the growing of economic, Green Stone has introduced many updated technologies to meet different needs. Green Stone's diy cosmetic ingredients series are created based on unremitting efforts. The manufacturing process of Green Stone ingredient suppliers involves the following basic steps: rubber material selection, molding, cutting, vulcanizing and deflashing. The product has a beneficial effect on disease prevention. This garment is abrasion resistant. It is able to withstand a certain amount of rubbing action without being destroyed. The percentage purity of this product can reach to 99%.

To be a world-class supplier of diy cosmetic ingredients manufacturer is the consistent strategic goal of our company. Inquire!
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