Herbal Powder Green Tea Extract

Herbal Powder Green Tea Extract

Latin Name
Green Tea Polyphenols, GTP
Part Used
Red brown fine powder 
Test Method
Product Specification
Tea Polyphenols 40%~98%, EGCG 60%~98%
Place of Origin
1 kg
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T/T 100% paid in advance
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Antioxidant Pure Green Tea Extract 90% EGCG for Weight Loss

Green tea is the second largest beverage demanded by consumers worldwide. Used in China and India for its medicinal effects. There are several compounds extracted from green tea including catechins which contain an enormous amount of hydroxyphenols that are easily oxidized, congregated and contracted, which explains its good anti-oxidation effect. Its anti-oxidation effect is 25-100 times as strong as those of vitamin C and E. It is widely used in medicines, agriculture, and chemical and food industries. This extract prevents cardio-vascular disease, lowers the risk of cancer, and decreases blood sugar and blood pressure, as well as viruses. In the food industry, the anti-oxidation agent used for preserving food and cooking oils.

A green tea extract is a herbal derivative from green tea leaves. Containing antioxidant ingredients –mainly green tea catechins (GTC) – green tea and its derivatives are sought after amongst people who pursue good health.

EGCG is extracted from the leaves of green tea with excellent technology. The antioxidant activity of EGCG is about 25 ~100 times more potent than Vitamin C and E. It can be added into various dietary supplements, food products, cosmetic and beverages. The physiological functions include lowering cholesterol & triglycerides, enhancing immune, weight decrease and anti-disease etc.



  1) Green Tea Extract 98%
  a. Total tea polyphenols: > 98%
  b. Total tea catechins: > 90%
  c. EGCG: > 60%-70%
  d. Caffeine: < 0.5%
  e. Appearance: light yellow powder 
  2) Green Tea Extract 80%
  a. Total tea polyphenols: > 80%
  b. Total tea catechins: > 55%
  c. EGCG: > 35% 
  d. Caffeine: <1%-12% 
  e. Appearance: light yellow to brown-yellow powder 
  3) Green Tea Extract 70%
  a. Total tea polyphenol: > 70%
  b. Total tea catechins: > 50%
  c. EGCG: > 25%-30% 
  d. Caffeine: < 1%-12%
  e. Appearance: light yellow to brown-yellow powder 
  4) Green Tea Extract 60%
  a. Total tea polyphenol: > 60%
  b. Total tea catechins: > 40%-50%
  c. EGCG: > 20%-25% 
  d. Caffeine: < 1%-10%
  e. Appearance: brown-yellow powder


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