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Antibiotic Althiomycin

Antibiotic Althiomycin

Antibiotic Althiomycin

orange freeze-dried powder
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Antibiotic Althiomycin

Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade

Color: orange freeze-dried powder

SOLUBILITY: Pure adriamycin does not dissolve in water
Test Method: HPLC


Antibiotic althiomycin was totally synthesized from d-cysteine via the procedures of the coupling with sodium salt of pyrrolinone, hydroxymethylation, and the coupling with the thiazole part, successively.

Total Synthesis of antibiotic althiomycin has been achieved starting from D-cysteine. The imide bond between thiazoline and the pyrrolinone part was constructed by coupling reaction of sodium salt of pyrrolinone with cysteine active ester or by photoreaction with diketene. The hydroxymethyl group attached on the carbon adjacent to C-2 of the thiazoline ring, was introduced by aldol condensation posterior to the thiazoline ring formation. The thiazole part was introduced in a final step in whole process of the total synthesis of the antibiotic. The synthetic althiomycin was identical with the natural antibiotic in all respects.


Main Function and Application  



Althiomycin is an anti-tumor antibiotic, which can inhibit the synthesis of RNA and DNA, and has the strongest inhibition effect on RNA. With a broad anti-tumor spectrum, Althiomycin has an effect on a variety of tumors. It is a non-specific drug in the cycle, and can kill tumor cells in the growth cycle. It is mainly applicable for acute leukemia and is effective for both acute lymphocytic leukemia and granulocytic leukemia. It is generally used as a second-line drug, that is, this drug can be considered when the first drug resistance is selected.


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