Anti-wrinkle Ingredients

Anti-wrinkle skincare products are skin care products and cosmetics used for the prevention and elimination of wrinkles.

Most of the anti-wrinkle skincare products are developed for the analysis of wrinkles from the perspective of modern medicine, including prevention and elimination. There are about three ways to resist wrinkles.

1. Supplement collagen.

As the age increases, the collagen gradually shrinks and breaks, causing the skin to collapse, the elasticity to deteriorate, and the wrinkles to occur. Unlike ordinary topical collagen skincare products, EGF is not a simple supplement, but promotes the synthesis and cell renewal of its own collagen.

2. Use a small dose of botulinum toxin.

Botox can use neurohormones to block the signal transmission between nerves and muscles, so that muscles can not beat and contract to achieve rapid wrinkle removal. For example, hexapeptide is also a type of botulinum toxin, which is more convenient and safe to use and has been widely used in topical skincare products.

3. Hydration and nutrition are the most basic daily anti-wrinkle treatments.

Dry, atrophied cells cause wrinkles on the skin, and water nutrition makes the cells full and metabolism good. Green tea, gold and SOD are known for their antioxidant capacity and are suitable as a daily anti-wrinkle ingredient.

The above ingredients are available in our factory.

Besides, we can provide our products with COA, MSDS, TDS and other information, explaining the physical and chemical properties of the raw materials, basic efficacy technical characteristics, recommended dosage, safety precautions, specifications, test items, quality control indicators and test methods.

Our company relies on the strong scientific research strength of the university, obtaining the strong technical support, having the advanced technology research and development center, and has passed the IS09001 quality management system certification, meeting the GMP requirements of the production workshop and the production testing equipment, so we can guarantee the high standard production requirements.

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