Anti-acne Ingredients

Now at this time, some people have a very irregular daily routine. In addition, people discharge makeup not in place or protect skin improperly, which are very easy to cause facial generation acne and blain.

Anti-acne skincare products have inhibition sebum secretion, cutin dissolution or stripping, anti - acne propionibacterium, anti - inflammation and anti - chemical chemotaxis, repairing skin barrier light protection type. You are needed to choose according to skin type and skin damage characteristics.

Anti-acne cosmetics refer to the general skin care products that are added some active substances in accordance with the cosmetic hygiene standard so that they have the effects of inhibiting sebum secretion and acne prevention. In addition, anti-acne skin care products can improve the imbalance of skin microorganisms caused by antibacterial drugs and reduce the side effects such as skin erythema, dryness and dandruff caused by vitamin A drugs. Anti-acne skin care products play an important role in the daily care, cooperative application, prevention of recurrence and other whole-process management.

Anti-acne ingredients refer to the ingredients that have the effect of inhibiting sebum secretion and preventing acne.   

Common anti-acne ingredients mainly include the following:

1. Salicylic acid and its compound;

2. Benzoyl peroxide;

3. Retinene;

Retinenes mainly include the following four types:

① Dimensional formic acid

② Isotretinoin

③ Tazarotene


4. Sebacic acid;

5. Glycolic acid;

6. Plant (neuro) sphingosine;

7. Bakuchiol;

8. Magnolia extract;

9. Hidden Danshen (ketone);

10. Octanoyl-collagen acid;

11. Other anti-acne active components:

It mainly includes dl-α-tocopheryl phosphate sodium salt (VEP); nicotinamide; active ingredients extracted from Chinese herbal medicines such as honeysuckle, dandelion, Sophora flavescens, licorice, salvia miltiorrhiza, and astragalus.

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