Akebia Fruit Extract

Place of Origin      China
MOQ    1kg
Payment Term   T/T 100% paid in advance


Botanical Name:Akebia quinata (Thunb.) Decne./Akebia trifoliata (Thunb.) Koidz.
Common name: Akebia Stem Extract, Akebia Caulis Extract, Caulis Akebiae Extract
Part Used: Seed
Detection method: HPLC
Appearance: Yellow brown fine powder
Specification: 10:1

Main Function
1.Promotes urination, drains heat from the heart through the small intestine - irritability with sore of the mouth or tongue, scanty urination, lin syndrome, edema.
2.Promotes lactation, unblocks the blood vessels - insufficient lactation, less commonly foramenorrhea and bi-syndrome.
3. Drains heat from the heart through the small intestine - irritability with sores of the mouth or tongue.
4. Scanty urination, lin syndrome, edema4.Promotes lactation.
5. Less commonly for amenorrhea and bi-syndrome.

About Akebia Fruit Extract:
Akebia Fruit is the dried nearly ripe fruit of Akebia quinata (Thunb.) Decne., Akebia trifoliata (Thunb.) Koidz. or kebia trifoliata (Thunb.) Koidz. var. australis (Diels) Rehd. (Fam. Lardizabalaceae).Akebia Stem is the climbing stem of Akebia quinata Decaisne or Akebia trifoliate Koidzumi(Lardizababaceae),usually cut transversely. This group consists of hardy, semi-evergreen, climbing plants that are natives of Japan, China, and Korea. They are grown for their pretty flowers and foliage. They are suitable for growing over hedges, low trees, bushes, or stumps. The leaves consist of five, notched, green leaflets that are flushed with red. In mid-spring, racemes of fragrant, reddish-purple flowers are produced. Male and female flowers are separate, but borne on the same inflorescence; the females at the base and the males at the tip. The dark purple fruits are 2 to 4 inches long; black seeds are embedded in white pulp. A. trifoliata (Threeleaf Akebia) is also a large vine growing up to 28 feet high. The leaves consist of three, shallowly lobed leaflets. The dark purple flowers are produced in racemes, in mid-spring. The light violet fruits grow 3 to 5 inches long, usually in groups of three.
Functions: To regulate the flow of the liver qi, to promote blood circulation and relieve pain, and to cause diuresis.
Indications: Epigastric and hypochondriac distension and pain; amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea; orrhea; oliguria; snake-and insect-bite.

1. Applied in pharmaceutical stuff;
2. Applied in functional food and food additive;
3. Applied in cosmetics additive.

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