Advanced Nutrition Formula Cranberry Vitamin A Softgel Cranberry Seed Extract

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Cranberry contains procyanidins which is also known as the original flower pigment or condensed tannins. It is rarely an ingredient in other fruits and vegetables, making the growth of bacteria can't adhere to the human body, thereby reducing the probability of human acquired infection. It is capable of improving atherosclerosis, restoring elasticity, and preventing cardiovascular disease of artery blood flow. Rich vitamin C, iron, antioxidants, and procyanidins in cranberry can prevent cell damage, maintain cell health and vigor, and make the skin soft and ruddy.
Cranberry Seed Protein Powder is fairly new to the industry. Manufacturers are always looking for new ways to differentiate themselves and their products, and cranberry protein is one way of doing this. Cranberry seeds produced from America doesn't have any enzymes or extraction solvents.
This process of making is solely through a cold extrusion and filtration process containing about 23-30 percent protein. This preserves the natural balance of the constituents and naturally occurring fatty acids.
The traditional protein powder accounts for 90%, while this new protein is an alternative for those who have allergies to dairy or soy. This is going to bring more than just protein though. Cranberries are well recognized by consumers for its health benefits.
Its components are as followed.
1.High in Fiber; - Omega-3; - Omega-6; - Omega-9; - Containing amino acids, potassium, calcium and iron; - Antioxidants; - Minerals
2.Cranberry extract helps to inhibit the growth and reproduction of a variety of pathogenic bacteria;
3.Help keep the integrity of the bladder wall and maintain a normal pH of the urethra;
4.Lower the incidence of gastric ulcer and gastric cancer;
5.Reduce cardiovascular aging lesions;
6.Anti-aging, and avoiding Alzheimer's disease;
7.Maintain beauty and healthy skin.
8.Storage: Keep sealed and store in a cool and dry place below 30°C

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