What is the effect of iodide

What is the effect of iodide? A lot of people don't know about iodide, and here's the introduction to it:

Iodine sea alcohol (iohexol) chemical called 5 - [acetyl (2, 3-2 hydroxypropyl) amino] - N, N '- double (2, 3-2 hydroxypropyl) - 2 minus 2-3 iodine - 1, 3 - dimethyl benzene amide, white or kind of white powder or crystalline powder; Odourless; Have led to wet. It is easily dissolved in water or methanol, and is barely soluble in trichloromethane or ether. Formula for C19H26I3N3O9, molecular weight is 821.13800, the density of 1.078 g/mL + / - 0.002 g/mL at 25 ° C (lit), melting point is 254-2560 - C, the boiling point of 891.5 DHS C at 760 mmHg.

Iodide is the raw material for water-soluble and non-ionized x-ct imaging agents in pharmaceutical plants. The name of the contrast agent is o 'naike. This contrast agent injection before CT imaging diagnosis usually vein, used in angiography, urinary system, spinal cord and joints, the lymphatic system imaging, with the low density of imaging and low toxicity, as well as good resistant type, is currently one of the best contrast agent, developed countries have completely replaced the ionic contrast media with it. It's also diagnostic.


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