What is the Mefloquine

Methyloquine is a synthetic 4-quinoline methanol derivative. This drug can effectively kill the internal stage of the red blood cells, especially in the mature and the ripening body. There is no effect on the plasmodium and the gamete. Falciparum, which is mainly used in chloroquine or multidrug resistant, is used to enhance the efficacy of sulfonate and pyrimidine, and delay the occurrence of drug resistance. It is used for symptom inhibitory prevention and is used once every two weeks. Mefloquine antimalarial mechanism has not yet fully understood, many ways similar to chloroquine, can increase the parasite food vacuole PH value, and free hemoglobin, forming complexes suppress hemoglobin polymerization, lead to accumulation of hemoglobin, damage of membrane structure.

Pharmacological effects

This product is a quinine derivatives of 4 - quinoline methanol, infrared period to the vivax is no effect, but can kill plasmodium falciparum and plasmodium vivax asexual RBC model (kill blood scion), role and quinine approximation, of plasmodium falciparum and plasmodium vivax malaria caused by mild to moderate acute malaria effectively. Its antiinsect spectrum is the same as chloroquine.

Drug interaction

In the light of the fact that a few patients have had asymptomatic bradycardia and q-t extensions with this product, it is not suitable to be used in combination with beta-receptor antagonists. This product should not be used in conjunction with quinine and quinidine, for example, because of the serious need for joint application for malaria, at least 12h at least for the agent. Taking this product and using the sodium valproate to prevent seizures, the plasma valproic acid level was reduced, the plasma valproic acid was measured and the dosage was adjusted. In case of p. vivax malaria, it should be used in conjunction with beraminate to remove the protozoa, in case of recurrence.


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